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The Legacy Project

  • Donation: Guardian donates 60% of the membership fee to the Canmore Hospital, allowing you to support a worthy cause while availing yourself of our exclusive benefits. Since the launch of the membership program, Oct 2023, our donations have increased 7.5 times and currently are $630.48 per month. This increase is from new memberships and we estimate the total donations for 2024 to be around $7,000.00. See donation history.

At Guardian Utilities, we're committed to providing energy services across Alberta at competitive rates. Our mission is to create a win-win scenario:

  • Delivering affordable energy to you
  • Supporting the Canmore Hospital through Guardian's Legacy Project, our ultimate goal.

The best part? Supporting the Canmore Hospital won't cost you anything extra. We divert membership fees, typically allocated to our bottom line, and give 60% straight to The The Canmore and Area health care foundation, prior to deductions. With no cap on donations, the more members we have, the greater our impact.

Elevate your energy journey with Guardian Utilities - where membership meets purpose!